64 Mate storage add-on for N64 goes live on Kickstarter

by Martin Watts, 6 May 2020

64Mate add-on with custom Star Fox 64 artwork.

First announced just under a year ago, the 64Mate is an all-in-one storage solution for today’s N64 enthusiasts.

This unit slots into the bottom of your N64 console. You can use it to store cables, upscalers, and even game cartridges in a single, neat setup.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live, and offers two configurations of 64Mate to choose from.

The Standard Enclosure is designed to house devices such as upscalers and capture cards. It has a small window for devices that have a screen (such as the Open Source Scan Converter).

You can also use a built-in holder to add your own artwork to the front.

The Cart Caddy model has an open front, and lets you store up to eight cartridges in it for easy access.

Best of all, both configurations are fully compatible with one another. You can stack them together to create a true Tower of Power! And you can even use a 64DD with both models.

The 64Mate matches the aesthetics of the N64 console, featuring the same contoured body. If you’re after a compact, all-in-one storage solution, this will definitely be of interest.

64Mate Kickstarter promo shot

64Mate Kickstarter campaign details

The project has a funding goal of AU$ 60,000 (about £31,000 or $38,600 USD). At the time of writing, just over AU$ 7,000 has been raised, with 28 days to go.

To secure one of the 64Mate configurations, you need to pledge at least AU$ 73 (about £38 or $47) to the project. If you want both models, you can pledge AU$ 136 for the combo package.

Provided the project meets its goal and manufacturing goes smoothly, 64Mate units will start shipping in September 2020.

If you want to support the 64Mate Kickstarter, then head over to the campaign page.

64Mate unit detached from N64 console

What do you think of the 64Mate?

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