(Video) WW2 City is one of the most advanced GoldenEye 007 custom missions yet

by Martin Watts, 3 February 2020

GoldenEye 007 WW2 City custom mission

GoldenEye custom missions have been around for a long time, but few are as feature packed and as advanced as WW2 City.

Created by Flargee, this level is stuffed full of ideas that make it stand out from the base game.

Flargee previously made the excellent GoldenEye WW2 Hangar mission. And they’re really making a name for themselves as one of the best GoldenEye 007 modders out there.

Best of all – and just like all the mods I cover on N64 Today – WW2 City runs on an original N64 console.

What’s GoldenEye WW2 City about?

This custom mission is set during World War II. Playing as Bond, you have to work your way through an occupied German city block.

Of course, this is no walk in the park. Plenty of enemies are waiting for you in the streets and nearby buildings.

MIssion briefing for the WW2 City mission in GoldenEye 007.

Despite being set in the same period as Flargee’s WW2 Hangar mission, it doesn’t appear to be related in terms of story.

WW2 City makes clever use of backtracking and revolves around finding secrets. It’s also a decent challenge – even on Agent difficulty.

Bond takes a shot from an enemy guard in WW2 City custom mission for GoldenEye 007.

Advanced features

WW2 City is an exciting mission, mainly because it has many new features not seen in the original GoldenEye 007. Some of these are also found in Flargee’s WW2 Hangar mission.

The dreaded torture room filled with dead allied soldiers in GoldenEye 007 mod WW2 City.

Guard dogs

WW2 City introduces this brand new enemy type. It’s a refreshing change from soldiers and drone guns!

Guard dog charges James Bond in GoldenEye 007 modded level by Flargee.

Guard dogs are vicious and utterly relentless. From the moment they spot you, they’ll charge straight for you and pounce. Their size and speed make them hard to hit too.

It feels cruel to take them out, but it’s you or them. They even let out a little whimper as they die – it’s heartbreaking!

Custom weapons and fisticuffs with guards

WW2 City includes a range of real-world, contemporary weapons for you try. Pistols, submachine guns and rifles all appear.

Strafing round a corner and shooting a guard in a GoldenEye 007 custom mission

The M1 Garand you start off with is notable for having its distinctive ping sound when you empty the clip. Modder CrashOveride created this effect. (The same person behind the hilarious GoldenEye with Sonic Characters mod.)

Flargee has also incorporated an existing mod that enables guards to perform melee attacks. So getting up close to them isn’t necessarily a good idea.

STG-44 rifle added to GoldenEye 007 as part of mod.

One criticism that could be fairly aimed at Flargee’s previous custom level is that enemies were mostly stationary. In WW2 City, there are loads of guards and they’re quick to react to nearby gunfire.

In fact, they’ll make their way through multiple doors and hunt you down!

Hi-res graphics

Hold down the L button while the mission loads, and you can play in hi-res mode.

This outputs the game at 440 x 328 resolution – so not quite the 1080p we’re now all used to!

Nevertheless, you can see the difference when playing the mod on a CRT TV.

And unlike most hi-res modes in N64 games, the frame rate doesn’t dip massively in WW2 City. There’s a slight drop, but even then it’s pretty smooth and perfectly playable.

GoldenEye 007 WW2 City mod - hi-res street

Killer sounds

WW2 City features its own background music track, as well as custom sound effects for its weapons.

Guard dogs also bark as you approach them. It’s not only more authentic, but also useful in case you don’t immediately spot them.

Guard dog pounces and misses James Bond in WW2 City mod for GoldenEye 007.

How can I play WW2 City?

You can download the mod from N64 Vault.

It comes in the form of an xdelta patch. So you need to use Delta Patcher to apply it to a unmodified NTSC ROM of GoldenEye 007.

Bond enters a rundown library of bookcases in WW2 City custom mission.

Just follow the program’s simple instructions and you’ll have a modded ROM in no time at all.

To play GoldenEye WW2 City on an N64 console, you need to use a flashcart such as an EverDrive 64.

I’ve tested the game on real N64 hardware, and it works flawlessly.

Bond mows down German soldiers in this WW2-themed GoldenEye 007 mod for N64.

Have you played it?

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