Ganon’s Tower created as a playable Super Smash Bros. 64 stage

by Martin Watts, 29 June 2019

Ganondorf crouches atop a platform in the Super Smash Bros. 64 custom stage Ganon's Tower

Super Smash Bros. 64’s dedicated modding community just can’t stop treating us to new things. This week they’ve spoilt us with a custom stage: Ganon’s Tower.

This new arena is based on Ganondorf’s monstrous construction from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It even has new music.

This mod also works on an original N64 console.

It comes as part of Smash Remix, a Super Smash Bros. 64 mod created by JS and team. It shakes up the rather limited base game, enabling you to play as Young Link and Ganondorf.

These modders are constantly expanding Smash Remix, which is currently at version 0.8. So there’s still more to come!

Super Smash Bros. stage select screen, but with Ganon's Tower instead of Hyrule Castle.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply add more content to Super Smash Bros. 64. Instead, you have to swap out existing characters or stages for new ones.

In this case, Ganon’s Tower replaces Hyrule Castle. In a way it’s ironic, given that’s what also happens in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

You fight on the tower’s exterior, which sports the classic Battlefield stage layout. It has a large lower platform, with three floating platforms you can drop down through.

Ness sends Kirby flying up alongside Ganon's Tower in Super Smash Bros. 64

The tower reaches up into the out-of-bounds area of at the top of the screen. There’s a walkway further up, but you can’t stand on it.

Overall, it’s a medium-sized stage making it ideal for both head-to-head and four-player battles.

The stage is static – there aren’t any hazards unfortunately. That said, if you prefer your evil towers deconstructed then you should check out the Ganon’s Ruin stage.

How can I play the Ganon’s Tower stage?

Download the Smash Remix mod from N64 Vault.

Then use Delta Patcher (free PC software) to apply the patch to a clean ROM of Super Smash Bros. 64.

Link and Ganondorf face off on Ganon's Tower, a custom Super Smash Bros. 64 stage

To play on an original N64 console, you’ll need a flashcart such as an EverDrive 64.

I didn’t come across any performance issues or bugs when testing the stage.

Ganondorf pulls off his Dark Dive special attack on Young Link on the Ganon's Tower custom stage for Super Smash Bros. 64

Will you be ascending Ganon’s Tower?

What do you think of this custom Super Smash Bros. 64 stage?

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Source: N64 Vault

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