64Mate is a new add-on that keeps your N64 setup neat and tidy

by Martin Watts, 25 June 2019

Using a 64Mate with the Open Source Scan Converter.

Do you use an upscaler with your N64? Perhaps you like to record footage with a capture device?

If so, your N64 setup is probably an annoying mess of cables you regularly have to untangle.

Well, those days may now be behind you thanks to the 64Mate.

The 64Mate add-on

What is the 64Mate?

Designed by Shane Battye and GhillieGuide, the 64Mate is a multipurpose storage unit that sits underneath your N64 console.

You can use it to house your video upscalers and capture devices in a neat, all-in-one unit.

The interior storage area of the 64Mate add-on for Nintendo 64

It’s ideal for devices such as the OSSC, RetroTINK-2X, GV-USB2, Elgato GameCapture and more.

And 64DD enthusiasts can rest assured. This unit is compatible with the disk drive add-on.

Using the 64Mate with a 64DD

This original concept has been a year in the making. GhillieGuide is currently testing the prototype shown in the photos.

There’s an increasing need to use additional devices with the N64.

For example, the N64 can’t connect to many modern HDTVs without modification or an upscaler.

A 3D model of the 64Mate add-on for the N64.

And in the age of YouTube and Twitch, many N64 fans want to be able to record and stream their gameplay.

The 64Mate will help to keep this complicated setup tidy and manageable. It’ll also make moving your N64 to another TV a lot easier.

Prototype shells of the 64Mate add-on for N64.

Open source

The team behind 64Mate is making the designs for it publicly available.

So you can 3D print your own or even mass-produce it if you want.

The initial sketches of the 64Mate add-on for N64.

The team are also keen for the community to further develop the add-on.

You can download the first barebones model from GrabCAD.

A barebones 3D model of 64Mate on GrabCAD

What do you think of the 64Mate?

Will you downloading the 3D model? And how helpful do you think this add-on is?

Let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also follow the official 64Mate Twitter account for updates.

Source: Twitter (Official 64Mate account)

Image credit: the images in this article belong to 64Mate and are used with permission.

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