Retro Fighters reveals Smoke Gray Brawler 64 controller

by Martin Watts, 15 June 2019

Retro Fighters' Smoke Gray Brawler 64 controller

Retro Fighters’ modern take on the N64 pad will shortly be available in a new colour.

The Smoke Gray Brawler 64 controller releases on 28 June 2019. You can pre-order it now on the Retro Fighters website.

What is the Smoke Gray Brawler 64?

The Smoke Gray Brawler 64 is an unofficial N64 controller created by Retro Fighters.

The controller was first announced back in 2017 as part of a Kickstarter campaign. It originally came in a standard gray colour.

Brawler 64 Retro Fighters controller

Since then, Retro Fighters has started selling the controllers directly, and in a variety of transparent colour options.

It sports a two-prong design and modern analog stick, making it similar to current mainstream game controllers.

The Retro Fighters Brawler64 controller's D-pad.

The D-pad now sits below the joystick, which is ideal for N64 games that use both inputs.

Read my Brawler 64 controller review to find out whether you should invest in one.

Close up shot of the face buttons of the Retro Fighters Brawler64 controller

Rise of the aftermarket N64 controllers

Retro Fighters isn’t the only company hard at work making new N64 controllers.

Retro-bit recently released the Tribute 64, a controller influenced by the highly sought-after N64 Hori Mini Pad.

Retro-Bit Tribute 64 controllers in red and forest green colours.

Hyperkin is also looking to Hori’s controller for inspiration.

Their Admiral controller is wireless, and will include a micro SD card slot to back up your memory card saves.

Hyperkin Admiral controller for N64

Will you be getting the Smoke Gray Brawler 64 controller?

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