Hyperkin to show off Ultra Retron N64 HDMI clone console at E3 2019

by Martin Watts, 5 June 2019

Ultra Retron N64 HDMI clone console

Revealed by Hyperkin project manager Andrew Steel on LinkedIn, the Ultra Retron console is currently still a prototype.

Sporting four controller ports and a cartridge slot, the console uses original N64 game cartridges.

However, it looks like the Ultra Retron uses Mupen64, an N64 emulator, to actually run the games. Given how iffy N64 emulation continues to be, this could result in compatibility and performance issues.

It’s not currently known how compatible the entire N64 library will be with the console.

Otherwise, the Ultra Retron has an HDMI port on the back, but no details concerning output resolution have been announced yet. Based on a video released by Steel on his YouTube channel, it looks like the image is upscaled.

Interestingly, the sneak peak video shows a Hyperkin-branded N64 controller. This pad has a GameCube-style stick, and looks similar to the original N64 controller.

Will official controllers and recent pads such as the Tribute 64 and Brawler 64 work? Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

Hyperkin is also planning to release its own take on the N64 Hori Mini Pad: the Admiral controller. It’d be surprisingly if this new pad didn’t work with the Ultra Retron.

The Ultra Retron’s shape and size looks similar to a Super Nintendo console. But as this is still a prototype, there’s a good chance this design will change over time.

We’ll have to wait until E3 2019, which takes place next week in Los Angeles, for more information about the system.

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Source: Andrew Steel (LinkedIn) via Metal Jesus Rocks

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