Can you name all 30 F-Zero X pilots? Test your knowledge with this quiz

by Martin Watts, 11 January 2019

Select Machine screen in F-Zero X for N64.

In 1998, F-Zero X delivered a racing experience unlike anything before it on N64.

Featuring super-fast gameplay and silky smooth 60 frame-per-second performance, it zoomed ahead of the competition.

F-Zero X was also notable for expanding the series’ cast of playable characters from four in F-Zero (SNES) to a whopping 30.

Bounty hunters, dinosaurs, aliens, androids and even zombies make up the cast. They’re anything but forgettable.

That said, can you name them all? Try this F-Zero X quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

Can you name all 30 F-Zero X pilots?

Name each pilot and their F-Zero machine. There are 30 questions in total.

How does F-Zero X play today?

Does Nintendo’s ultra-fast racing game still impress over 20 years later? Read my F-Zero X review.

Racing through a narrow 360-degree pipe in F-Zero X for N64.

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