Collect64 is a handy mobile app that tracks your N64 collection

by Martin Watts, 2 July 2018

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There are only 387 games in the N64’s software library. Nevertheless, keeping track of which ones you own can be tricky without some sort of log. Thankfully, Collect64 is a handy new app designed to help you do just that.

What is Collect64?

Created by Levi Joraanstad, Collect64 is a free Android and iOS mobile app that tracks your N64 collection. It includes entries for all 296 N64 games officially released in North America.

Collect64 doesn’t currently include PAL exclusives, such as Taz Express, or Japanese games. However, it does cover all the console and controller variants released worldwide.

Collect64’s main features

Collect64 has a selection of options and views aimed at both N64 collectors and players.


This tab shows you full lists of all NTSC N64 games, as well as all consoles and controllers released worldwide. Here you can find out more about a product and add it to your collection.

Each entry includes key information. For games, this includes the developer, publisher, release date and the number of players.

Collect64 app listing screen on Android phone

A more detailed description is pulled through from Wikipedia. It’s a good approach considering this app is the work of just one person.

Of course, Wikipedia isn’t 100% reliable, but it’s good enough for a general overview.

Add a note

You can add a custom note to each game you have in your collection. This could be information about the game’s condition, purchase price, or even where it ranks in your personal favourites list.

Adding a note in Collect64 app

It would be great to see later iterations of the app build on this by inserting additional fields. This could be an optional advanced setting, to keep the app simple enough for people who don’t want too much detail.


This tab only shows you the games, consoles and controllers you’ve added to your collection.

Collect64 app collection menu

You can quickly and easily find out what you’re still missing. It’s especially useful when at an expo or retro shop, and you can’t remember exactly what you already have.

Collect64 app games collection list

It’s also a great way to choose a game in your collection to play.


This tab simply tells you when you added a game to your collection.

Collect64 app history screen on Android

While it may not be as immediately useful as Collect64’s other features, it’s a nice way to chart your journey to a complete collection.


The Discover tab enables you to search for games using a range of filters. You can drill down by number of players, genre, developer, publisher and release date.

Collect64 app discover screen

It’s a great way to look for a particular type of game to play. One thing we’d love to see in a later version is an N64 coop games filter.

Being able to use multiple filters is also handy if you only collect a specific subset of games.

Should you download Collect64?

If you’re an ardent N64 collector then getting Collect64 is a no brainer. It’s completely free, and an incredibly handy tool for keeping track of your N64 collection.

The app currently doesn’t include PAL or Japanese N64 games, but there’s always the possibility of a future update. Nevertheless, it covers the vast majority of N64 products, meaning it’s still immensely useful to collectors.

Collection of PAL N64 games, including Turok 3, Buck Bumble, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, F-1 World Grand Prix, Forsaken and Charlie Blast's Territory

Even if you’re not into collecting, Collect64 is a great way to learn more about the N64’s software library. Finding out about a game’s history is quick and easy, especially using the app’s Discover feature. Having all the information within a single app is really useful too.

Collect64 is now available to download for free from the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Depending on how well received the app is, Collect64 may come to other systems in future.

Levi is open to suggestions on how to further develop Collect64. Find out more by visiting the Collect64 website.

Martin Watts

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