Fan-made Harvest Moon 64 player’s guide seeks crowdfunding for free release

by Martin Watts, 19 February 2018

Milking a cow in Harvest Moon 64 for Nintendo 64

An avid Harvest Moon 64 fan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding to release their very own Harvest Moon 64 player’s guide.

Matthew Gerry began working on the Harvest Moon 64 player’s guide over three years ago, and it’s astonishing just how much time and effort he’s put into it.

He learned MIPS assembly language over nearly four months just to work out the outcomes of every single action you can take in the game (the N64 uses a MIPS processor).

Your dog companion in Harvest Moon 64, as also featured in artwork of the Harvest Moon 64 player's guide header

Matthew also sourced a Japanese Harvest Moon 64 player’s guide – for the princely sum of $100 USD (around £71) – from which he took the original game artwork, enhanced the resolution of it, and even added colour in some instances.

The guide is designed to resemble the diary that Harvest Moon 64 protagonist Jack uses.

After exploring the possibility of printing the guide as a book (and learning it was prohibitively expensive) and then discovering that e-readers don’t all share a similar format, Matthew has decided to release the guide in PDF and EPUB formats for free to the community – provided he reaches his funding goal on Kickstarter.

Taking a trip to town in Harvest Moon 64 on Nintendo 64

There are a number of different rewards for those who back the project.

A $5 pledge (about £4) will get your name in the guide, whereas the one-of-a-kind $1000 option (about £713) will nab you the very first print of the guide along with a bunch of other goodies and personal admiration.

At the time of writing, the Harvest Moon 64 player’s guide project has accrued $1,320 (about £940) towards its $3,500 goal (about £2,494).

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Source: Nintendo Life

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