N64 screenshot quiz (easy difficulty)

by Martin Watts, 23 December 2017

The interactive face demo from Super Mario 64's start screen

The N64’s software library may be relatively small with only 387 games. But how many of these do you know?

Take our N64 screenshot quiz challenge and find out how much of an N64 buff you are!

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There are four difficulty levels. Start with easy and work your way up, or go straight to a later level. It’s up to you!

Each quiz contains 12 questions.

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Our easy difficulty quiz features some of the most common and popular N64 games. If you’ve played an N64 before, then you’re bound to get some of these right!

N64 screenshot quiz (easy difficulty)

Can you name these N64 games from a single screenshot?

There are 12 questions in total.

Martin Watts

Martin has been running N64 Today since it began in 2017. He has also written for Nintendo Life and Time Extension, and appeared in the 2022 documentary GoldenEra. He got the Nintendo 64 as a Christmas present back in 1997 and it's been his favourite console ever since. His favourite N64 game is Goemon's Great Adventure.