N64 screenshot quiz (expert difficulty)

by Martin Watts, 23 December 2017

Bowser in the Fire Sea, Super Mario 64

So you’ve conquered our easy, medium and hard N64 screenshot quizzes, right?

Or perhaps you’re just a sucker for brutal punishment and chose to start with this borderline impossible challenge?

If you haven’t done the other tests then we suggest you try them first. The expert quiz is immensely difficult!

Frankly, you need to be an N64 legend – nay, a god – to get a perfect score on our expert quiz. There’s a good chance you won’t have heard of any of these games.

N64 screenshot quiz (expert difficulty)

Can you name these N64 games from a single screenshot?

There are 12 questions in total.

Good luck – you're gonna need it!

What now?

Whether you emerged victorious or defeated, there’s still more fun to be had!

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Martin Watts

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