The worst N64 game box art covers

by Martin Watts, 17 December 2017

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You shouldn’t judge an N64 game by its cover. But it’s really hard not to when they’re this bad. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the worst N64 game box art covers ever.

Many N64 game box art covers haven’t stood the test of time. Nevertheless, many of them at least manage to portray the game in an accurate or interesting way.

The same sadly can’t be said for the worst offenders below.

N64 Today’s worst N64 game box art covers

Quest 64 (NTSC)

Quest 64 NTSC, one of the worst N64 box art covers

Quest 64’s North American box art features in our list of worst N64 game box art covers not only for being bad in its own right. It also just plain sucks compared to the vastly superior PAL version. How on earth did this version get approved over the other?

Brian, the game’s protagonist (yes, they really went with that name) looks to be standing very uncomfortably. That’s quite possibly because his left arm is clearly much longer than his right one.

Dual Heroes (NTSC)

Dual Heroes NTSC N64 box art cover
Developed by Produce, Dual Heroes received a very negative reception at release. So in a way, it’s only fitting it had a terrible box art to accompany it.

The designer clearly must have been suffering from a crisis of conscience. As a result, they deliberately created this abomination as a way to warn players of the game’s dodgy AI.

After all, it would explain why three of the fighters depicted here seem to be duelling nothing but thin air.

MRC: Multi-Racing Championship (NTSC)

MRC Multi Racing Championship NTSC N64 box art cover

The NTSC box art for MRC: Multi-Racing Championship is just a mess and far too busy.

One of those cars is clearly going in the wrong direction, whereas the one at the top hasn’t even finished rendering.

To top it all off, there’s a ghostly projection of what looks like a person with a speedometer for a head behind the steering wheel.

Suddenly everything else about this cover doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Forsaken (NTSC)

Forsaken NTSC N64 box art cover

Forsaken’s North American box art makes it onto our list because it has absolutely nothing to do with the game.

Perhaps I’m too cynical. But I can’t help but think Acclaim simply thought sticking an attractive woman on the box would shift a fair few copies.

After all, this is the same company that once tried to advertise one of its games on people’s gravestones.

Whether it worked is hard to say without any available sales data for the game. However, it’s worth noting that Forsaken’s PAL box art is different and instead sports the game’s actual logo.

NFL QB Club 2001 (NTSC)

NFL QB Club 2001

If NFL QB Club 2001’s box featured a holographic effect where tilting it made Brett Favre move, then it’d be really cool.

Instead, Acclaim just slapped him on the front four times. They could have featured him once and conveyed exactly the same thing.

Razor Freestyle Scooter (NTSC)

Razor Freestyle Scooter N64 NTSC box art

Crave Entertainment clearly spared no expense when it came to designing Razor Freestyle Scooter’s box art, a game designed to cash in on the scooter fad of the early 2000s.

The poor kid on the front looks like he’s about to soil his pants. It’s probably because he’s about to crash into an unashamedly large Blockbuster logo.

Fighter Destiny 2 (NTSC)

Fighter Destiny 2 NTSC N64 box art - one of the worst N64 game box art covers of all time

Fighter Destiny 2’s laughably bad box art does a disservice to what is otherwise a decent fighting game.

The poor chap on the front looks like he’s on the verge of tears – quite possibly because the most detailed feature of the entire artwork is his foot.

I’m just thankful you can’t smell it, although you almost can given how prominent it is.

This is easily one of the worst N64 game box art covers of all time.

What do you think are worst N64 game box art covers?

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